Harriet Tubman Huis

Harriet Tubman Huis

The Harriet Tubman Huis (HTH) is a small-scale, personal shelter that offers temporary shelter and guidance to undocumented women and their children in Amsterdam South-East. The residents are staying at the HTH while waiting for a residence permit, because in our opinion it is better not to stay in an AZC or have no right to it in connection with waiting for an appeal.

The Harriet Tubman House provides the women with a safe home environment, where they can regain their strength and be ready for what the future holds. We believe in encouraging women's self-reliance and focus on mutual empowerment . Our foundation is completely dependent on gifts and donations. The basic costs of the house are reimbursed by funds and private donors. We are very grateful to them for this.

Harriet Tubman Huis
Dantestraat 196
Amsterdam 1102 ZR
The Netherlands

Phone: 0633082232



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