BitterRoot Catholic Worker Farm

BitterRoot Catholic Worker Farm

We are a 4 acre farm/orchard in Southwestern Montana - south of Missoula (location of the University of Montana). We are an intentional community practicing simple, sustainable community living and exploring renewable energy and recycling. We offer individual retreat space to Catholic Worker workers. We manage an orchard and an expanding garden to produce our food and excess for the homeless shelter in Missoula. Community members work with fragile children, for the church's Newman Center and at the homeless shelter. We are able to host two individuals or two couples at a time or a family (especially in the summer). There are monthly Clarification of Thought meetings to expand the knowledge of Catholic Worker ideas in the Montana community. To participate in any of the above please contact Becky Bishop at or at 406-239-5379.

BitterRoot Catholic Worker Farm
4724 Hoover Lane
Stevensville, MT 59870

Phone: 406-239-5379


Consider contacting the BitterRoot Catholic Worker Farm to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.



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